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  • Fitness basics, how much to exercise and what to do to maintain your health.
  • Food and diet tips and suggestions, recipes, and nutritional facts.
  • Lifestyle practices that promote a healthy body, spirit and mind.
  • A weekly blog documenting the journey to take and keep control of the body, mind and spirit.



The mission of Exercise Rx, LLC is to provide holistic fitness, wellness and nutritional services to individuals and groups who are seeking to heal their bodies and engage in a healthful lifestyle.



Exercise Rx, LLC operates under the intrinsic belief that every individual deserves to live a healthy, productive life; free from the constraints of negative self-image and preventable limitations associated with chronic health conditions and advancing age.

Target Clientele


Target clientele are individuals who know via a healthcare provider or their own awareness that they need to make a lifestyle change involving exercise, diet and or lifestyle behaviors.

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What Client’s Say

Angela has provided me help with how I fuel my body; she’s been a continual resource to me when I have questions and a constant support when I think I can’t do it.  She empowers me to work harder, be stronger (both physically and emotionally), and to be braver.
Angela has great listening and observation skills which seem to get the most out of her clients.  She has motivated us to keep our physical exercise consistent and has offered a variety of methods to ensure that it stays interesting.  We are seniors and are always amazed at how well she relates to our needs while never letting us “settle” into a routine.  She encourages us to continue to push our physical comfort boundaries.  
Bob & Pat
 Today…I am only 11 weeks into my journey but I am down 32 pounds, have great core strength and can ALMOST keep up with her :) .